What do the consular services do? 

    Consular services include the issuing of travel documents (passports and traveling certificates), signature authentication on various documents (declarations - statements, life certificates, consents, power of attorney, statements of inheritance.), attestation of public documents bearing a seal and signature that have been issued in BiH and Belgium, consideration of appeals and other requests, certification of photocopies, issuance of various certificates, issuance of certificates for the transfer of human remains from Belgium to BiH, issuance of transit certificates for the transfer of human remains from Belgium to pass over BiH territory, declaring of passports as invalid, signature authentication on the request for acquisition of BiH citizenship and on the request for revocation of BiH citizenship as well as on the declaration of renunciation of BiH citizenship for persons who have applied for citizenship of a country outside the region of former SFRY, composition of consular testaments and issuing of visas for foreigners who currently live in Belgium and bear a passport of a country that requires the BiH visa. Other consular services provided are: processing of requests for determining the personal identification number (JMBG) for BiH citizens residing in Belgium, registering births, marriages and deaths with the Registrar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Consular services also include visits to our citizens that have been deprived of freedom, rendering legal assistance and paying visits to patients at his/her explicit request etc.

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